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Calendar Printing

HSAUSA provides Hi-resolution Color Printer and Product Handling for personalization of calendars. See video:

HSAUSA Calendar Printer



HSAUSA provides 2D barcode reader to look up random codes and digitally print variable data, barcodes, and text on 2 sides of the box then verify information was printed properly. See video:

HSAUSA Scan-Print-Verify

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HSAJET® piezo printers are based onXAAR Piezo inkjet technology


HSAJET® XAAR Piezo Inkjet

XAAR Piezo Inkjet is the HSAUSA range of industrial drop-on-demand print heads for outer case and product coding. Available in a wide range of print heights and configurations, HSAUSA provide one of the most flexible product coding solutions for this technology, able to meet the needs of end users. Piezo Inkjet printers are used in numerous industrial applications. They eliminate the need for costly additional labelling, pre-printed stock and replace old, single-message roller coders. Due to the modular construction, HSAUSA can provide Piezo Inkjet printing from 17.4 mm print height up to 70 mm from the same controller. With a wide range of controllers to choose from, HSAUSA can provide a solution tailored to your production environment, from a simple terminal to fully database driven automation across the factory. All printers can be installed either off-line or in-line. All controllers offer great flexibility due to individual controlling of each head.


HSAJET® XAAR key-features:

• Lowest cost per print

• High uptime - ink change while printing

• Robust and reliable printers, with no maintenance

• Very simple setup and alignment

• Up to 70 mm print height without any print head alignment

• A variety of inks available, also for difficult, non-porous substrates

• Spot colours available. Porous media ink available in custom colour

• Non-contact coding. Ideal for rough surfaces like Tyvek, wood, pallets and cardboard


XAAR 128

Adobe PDF icon Xaar-128 Print Engine 128

This versatile printhead is recognised as the defacto standard throughout the graphic arts and industrial sec-tors. Compatible with a wide range of oil-based, solvent and dye sublimination inks, the Xaar 128 is extensively utilised across the coding and marking and wide format graphics industries. It's a consistent and highly flexible inkjet solution for pro-ducing high quality coding & marking.


XAAR 500

Adobe PDF icon Xaar-500 Print Engine 500

Specifically designed to offer a competitive solution for producing coding & marking. The Xaar 500 is perfect for those needing a versatile binary inkjet solution. The 40pl model meets the demanding requirements of high-quality markets, while the 80pl version leads the way in coding & marking sectors.



XAAR Electron

Adobe PDF icon Xaar-Electron Electron

The Xaar Electron is a high-speed, high-native-resolution printhead with a familiar 128-channel form factor. This makes it a great combination of highest productivity with lowest replacement cost.

Using the latest silicon integrated circuit technology the Xaar Electron is designed and built to deliver next generation print performance enabling you to print faster than ever (up to 55% faster).


XAAR Proton

Adobe PDF icon Xaar-Proton Proton

The Xaar Proton is a premium quality, wide-swathe (53.7mm) printhead which delivers outstanding print quality in three drop volume options.

The binary 35 and 60 picolitre variants deliver the best combination of throughput and print quality for a range of applications, including wide-format graphics and coding & marking.


XAAR 128 printers

• Prints side- or downwards

• Any HSAJET Xaar printer can be connected to all HSAJET Xaar 128 controller

• Available with a wide range og inks, from oil based in different colours to solvent based for difficult substrates.

• Ideal for 'sell by' and 'batch-numbering' applications, form print and small barcode printing

• Flexible and modular construction, connect 16 single 17.5 mm printers or combine printers in modules of up to 4 (70 mm print height). Maximum print height per controller / controller board is 280 mm

• 185 dpi up to 85 m/min with high speed head

• 40 or 80 pL drop size available

• 0.5 or 1.0 litre ink supply possible. No inverted ink supply with risk of ink spill


XAAR 500 printers

• All HSAJET Xaar 500 printers can be connected to any HSAJET Xaar 500 controller.

• Available with a wide range of inks, from oil based in dif-ferent colours to solvent based for difficult substrates.

• Ideal for coding and marking solutions, form print, large contrast-rich barcodes and bitmaps.

• Flexible and modular construction, connect up to 4 x 70 mm printers for a maximum print height of 280 mm

• 180 dpi up to 34 m/min

• 0.5 or 1.0 litre ink supply possible. No inverted ink supply with risk of ink spill

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