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Calendar Printing

HSAUSA provides Hi-resolution Color Printer and Product Handling for personalization of calendars. See video:

HSAUSA Calendar Printer



HSAUSA provides 2D barcode reader to look up random codes and digitally print variable data, barcodes, and text on 2 sides of the box then verify information was printed properly. See video:

HSAUSA Scan-Print-Verify

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Track & Trace Solutions

HSAUSA provides low cost serialization solutions.

One of the big challenges is not as much how to package products but how to apply track-and-trace on packaging lines at high rates and subsequently ensure integration with multiple IT systems. Legislators want a unique number on each product that must pass down the distribution chain to create a pedigree for that product. However, for serialized bar codes, because of the line-of-sight requirement, you have to create parent/child relationships, so that what’s in the box is associated with the unique barcode on the case. This allows distributors to “infer” what is inside. HSAUSA provides item, case, and pallet serialization at the packaging line and site level. In deciding whether to use preprinted or coded tags, our preference is to print or code at the packaging line because it’s more controllable, particularly in high-speed operations. The cost to code each individual item is a factor. With printed 2D codes the cost is relatively low compared to RFID tags.


HSAUSA can address the following supply chain objectives:

• Anti-Counterfeiting - Supports anti-counterfeiting initiatives by using serialization for either RFID and/or 1D/2D barcoding technology
• Diversion Control - Ensures that products remain inside their defined distribution channels
• Product Authentication - Provides a mechanism for supply chain partners to verify if product is authentic
• Product Pedigree - Provides the serialization information that is needed to support ePedigree applications

Whether your industry is electronics, pharmaceutical, laboratory or manufacturing, the high demands of security, regulatory standards, and quality control are increasing exponentially. HSAUSA diverse barcode, serialization and personalization products are uniquely engineered to meet the rigors of your working environment.


Extensive barcode knowledge with cutting edge technology

Knowledge - Our design team's extensive knowledge of barcode technology is expertly positioned to assist you in finding a barcode

system that is perfect for whatever identification problem you need solved. More importantly, we can follow any specs you provide from symbology, aspect ratios, resolution and density to proper quiet zones.

Quality Control - Our efficiency goes well beyond design to the entire production process. HSAUSA barcode inspection equipment allows us to find specific areas which need correction before a problem is started and grade reports are available upon request. During the in line printing process, barcodes are scanned for duplicates, missing numbers and anomalous readings, ensuring that each and every code is present and unique before they are shipped. If something is wrong the product is rejected and if multiple rejects occur the line is stopped.

Symbologies - Our symbologies include linear and two dimensional barcodes - Code 39 (3 of 9), Code 128, Postnet & FIM, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC & EAN and datamatrix. Datamatrix, the most common two dimensional barcode allows multiple strings of data in a smaller amount of space. A code as small as one half inch square can contain the model number, serial number, date of manufacture and the manufacturer name.

Engineered solutions:

Close collaboration with customers and suppliers combined with a wealth of knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment and materials, enables HSAUSA to innovate, design, and manufacture products that meet even the most challenging and precise requirements.

Demands from the Industry

The pharmaceutical industry's coding requirements have grown in complexity as the need to eliminate counterfeit products from distribution has grown. HSAUSA offers both stand-alone solutions and simple printers which are easily integrated into other Track & Trace solutions - enabling a "cradle to grave" audit trail from the point of manufacturing through distribution.

HSAUSA responds

In response to the needs of the industry, HSAUSA has developed specially adapted printing systems that guarantee the high quality images needed for Track & Trace with virtually no maintenance. Our systems are designed with "ease of use" and security in mind.

Our pharmaceutical Coding & Marking systems, built on HP technology, provide quality printing day in and day out. The integrated vision system verifies bar code quality to programmable standards, and offers a variety of output options for misreads.

Additionally we can ensure data integrity by checking images against an internal database and logging the results. Complete production information on the images printed can be exported for quality assurance programs.

Our Pharmaceutical systems include all required security features:

  • User-level access control
  • Double approval of prompts
  • Expanded logging

Security features can be set by the system administrator to match your regulatory environment.

Our solutions to the pharmaceutical industry make it possible for customers to comply to relevant requirements within GAMP and other regulatory requirements, such as 21 CFR Part 11 and E-Pedigree.


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