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Calendar Printing

HSAUSA provides Hi-resolution Color Printer and Product Handling for personalization of calendars. See video:

HSAUSA Calendar Printer



HSAUSA provides 2D barcode reader to look up random codes and digitally print variable data, barcodes, and text on 2 sides of the box then verify information was printed properly. See video:

HSAUSA Scan-Print-Verify

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The HSAJET® printheads are based on HP Thermal inkjet technology TIJ 2.5


HSAJET® and HP TIJ 2.5 technology

The HSAJET® printers use HP thermal inkjet technology TIJ 2.5, providing high-resolution printing up to 600 dpi for sharp text, crisp barcodes and intense spot colors. Versatile and affordable, HP's advanced inkjet technology powers a wide range of industrial and commercial printing applications - from simple text documents to vivid, complex print jobs on many types and sizes of media.

HSAJET® F-type printheads

Every stall in our new printheads has a switch as well as a fuse. These have been added to avoid damage to the printhead if ink-cartridges are being taken out of the stall during print-mode. If a cartridge is taken out, the power to the printhead is cut off. All our new controllers use the F-type printheads.

HSAJET® printheads

The HSAJET® printheads are available in three different versions: Top - Side - Side/low. The physical dimensions of each version along with cable connector directions provide advantages to each printhead. This facilitates the installation. The robust stainless steel design meets the demands for production environments.Adobe PDF icon

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HP key-features

• Cost-effective: No warm-up cycle and no down time

• Easy to use: No special training required to operate and maintain thermal inkjet printers

• Fast: Hundreds of tiny nozzles firing at high frequency allow high-quality printing at high speeds

• Reliable: TIJ is less sensitive to air bubbles in the firing chamber than other printing technologies, avoiding print quality problems and delays caused by trapped air

• Flexible: Supports a wide variety of media

• High quality: TIJ places smaller drops more accurately, producing consistently superb image and text quality

• Environmentally safe: With thermal inkjet, there is no need for service technicians qualified to handle volatile solvents, and no noxious fumes

• Lower cost of ownership: A thermal inkjet printer can cost much less than other printing equipment, reducing the market entry cost

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