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Calendar Printing

HSAUSA provides Hi-resolution Color Printer and Product Handling for personalization of calendars. See video:

HSAUSA Calendar Printer



HSAUSA provides 2D barcode reader to look up random codes and digitally print variable data, barcodes, and text on 2 sides of the box then verify information was printed properly. See video:

HSAUSA Scan-Print-Verify

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HSAJET® CUF Controller Unit is for highresolution printing for up to 2" print height


HSAJET® Controller Unit

The HSAJET® Controller Unit (CUF) is the ideal printing solution for small messages i.e. for printing text, barcode, counters, date/time, and graphics. ideal for integration on webs, inserters, folders, collators and other equipment.it is a very compact solution and calls for a minimum of maintenance, moreover only a minimum of skill and training is required to operate and maintain the Controller Unit. The design is made in stainless steel and can easily be implemented in production areas.

HP TiJ 2.5 technology

The HSAJET® Controller Unit is based upon reliable HP Tij 2.5 technology which delivers consistent, high-quality, fast printing, exceptional value, and ease of use.


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The CUF is compatible with the HSAJET® F-type print-heads and is able to control up to 4 pens (2" print height). you can add max 2 printheads either as single printheads of 1, 2, 3, and 4-pens or in a combination of 1+1 pen, 2+2 pen, 1+2 pen, 1+3 pen with an HpHF Jumper box.

Bidirectional and double printing

With the Controller Unit bidirectional printing is supported. This enables you to print from the opposite side using the same layout. The CUF also supports double printing, which enables you to print the same layout simultaneously in same printing direction, e.g. on two sides of a box.


The Controller Unit is equipped with ethernet and serial communication allowing full remote controlled variable printing. in combination with HSAJET® printheads it has the function of a stand-alone system.


Protection of print Jobs

You are able to protect the access to the CUF by adding a password. With a password protection you minimize the risk of altering any print jobs by mistake. Additionally you are able to lock objects in the print layout to protect them from unintended changes.

Print at breakthrough speeds of up to 300 m/min (984 ft/min) in 300 x 150 dpi

• Graphics

• Text (alphanumerical)

• Counters

• Variable TexT (prompT)

• Date & Time (real-Time & adjusted)

• linear & 2D barcodes (fixed)*

• Windows Fonts

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